August 17, 2010

A Lament regarding Christian Infidelity to the Great Commission

This is a lament recorded by Sir William Petre, one of Edward VI's privy councillors, in a letter to Sir William Cecil, in 1551:
We which talk moch of Christ and his holy worde have I feare me used a moch contrary way, for we leave fysshing for men and fyssh agayn in the tempestuous sees of this world for gayne and wycked mammon.

While lamenting the acquisitive activities of so many leaders in the Edwardian government, it seems that Sir William Petre was reminded of the calling, failure, and re-calling of the apostle from whom his surname derived.

In Mark 1:16-18, Christ called Peter to become a fisher of men. In Mark 14:66-72, Peter denied his Lord three times. In John 21.3, Peter went back to fishing. In John 21.15-17, Christ again set Peter back upon the road of Christian service.

If there was hope for Peter (and there was!), then there was hope for Sir William Petre, and there is hope for you and me! Let us leave our carnal concerns behind and go back to fishing for Christ, today!