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Malcolm B. Yarnell III is Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where he enjoys exploring theology with ministerial students, and Teaching Pastor at Lakeside Baptist Church in Granbury, Texas, where he enjoys exploring God’s Word with his church. He is the author of three widely-reviewed books, the first on systematic theology, The Formation of Christian Doctrine (B&H Academic, 2007); the second on biblical theology, God the Trinity: Biblical Portraits (B&H Academic, 2016); and the third on historical theology, Royal Priesthood in the English Reformation (Oxford University Press, 2014). His most recent publications include a biblical theology, Who Is the Holy Spirit? (Nashville, 2019), a treatise on philosophical theology, John Locke's 'Letters of Gold' (Oxford, 2017), a co-authored book on theological method, Trinitarian Theology (Nashville, 2019), and a co-authored book on covenant ecclesiology, The Fourth Strand of the Reformation (Oxford, 2018). Dr. Yarnell has edited twenty books and journal issues and has contributed more than 135 essays, academic and popular, in the fields of systematic and historical theology as well as biblical theology and public theology. When not speaking to international academic or church audiences, Malcolm's personal passion is to engage in the contextual theological interpretation of the canon of Scripture with the people in his local church. Malcolm is better known as the father of such virtuous young men as Truett (27), Matthew (24), and Graham (19), and of such gracious young ladies as Kathryn (15) and Elizabeth (13), but he is best identified through the glorious presence of his lovely and brilliant wife, Karen.

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