March 18, 2011

The Doctrine of Vocation ~ Scripture, Reformation, Today

Recently, I was invited to contribute to a series of lectures on Work and Economics at the Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement here at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Land Center is named for Dr. Richard Land, the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is currently directed by Dr. Bill Dembski and Dr. Craig Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell asked me to address the theology behind work and economics. The resulting lecture was entitled "The Doctrine of Vocation: Scripture, Reformation, Today" and is available in both voice recording and Powerpoint format here. Martin Luther and his doctrines of universal priesthood and vocation contributed significantly to my own understanding of the scriptural witness, so he figures largely in the lecture. This was the fourth lecture in a series of six, which will be succeeded by a summer institute on work and economics. Personal thanks are extended to Dr. Mitchell for the invitation as well as the 100-odd students and faculty, who showed up for the lecture and lunch and were gracious in their numerous responses and questions.

Update: Here is a good summary of my recent lecture on a Theology of Work & Economics: "Yarnell: Christians called to salvation, service," by Benjamin Hawkins of Southwestern Seminary.

March 17, 2011

The Trinity ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Recently, Dr. Bob Pearle, the senior pastor of Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, asked me to take three Wednesday night Bible Studies and lead our people to focus on the doctrine of the eternal Trinity. A number of people within and without our church have queried me regarding access to these lectures. Unfortunately, the hour-long lectures were only partially recorded. However, providentially, a pdf version of the Trinity lectures is available here. May God--the God who reveals Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit because He is eternally so--bless you as you ponder His beauty through His Word.