Teaching Videos and Handouts

 The Eschatology of Daniel

  (Taught January through February 2022 at Lakeside Baptist Church, Granbury, Texas)
  • Daniel: Introduction, Spiritual Interpretation  Video  Syllabus
  • Daniel 1: The Times of the Gentiles  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 2: The Kingdom and the Kingdoms  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 3: The Continuing Challenge of Idolatry  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 4: There Is a God; You Are Not Him  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 5: A Feast for a Fool  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 6: The Eternal and Omnipotent Living God  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 7: An Apocalyptic Vision of the Divine Throne  Video  Handout
  • Daniel 8: Preparing for the Time of Wrath  Audio  Handout
  • Daniel 9: Seventy Years and Seventy Weeks  Audio  Handout
  • Daniel 10-12: God, Princes, Kings, Antichrists, and the End  Handout (Class Quiz at End of Handout)
  • Daniel 10: The Son of God and the Angelic Princes  Video
  • Daniel 11: The Truth about the Great Empires, the Little Empires, and the Little Antichrist  Video
  • Daniel 12: The Truth about the Great Antichrist and the End of All Things  Video

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