October 16, 2011

Theological Sermon, Lecture, and Interview Podcasts

The following theological sermons, lectures, and interviews are available for free as Podcasts through iTunes or other venues. Heartfelt thanks are extended to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for graciously making these available. Other theological sermons currently not on iTunes are available through Roberts Library at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

"The Word of God," on Romans 10, preached 20 September 2011 in Southwestern Seminary Chapel

"Globalized Theological Choices for the 21st Century," lecture on Contextualization at the "Sola Scriptura or Sola Cultura?" Conference, delivered 15 April 2011 at Riley Leadership Center

"The Theology of Vocation," lecture for The Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement, delivered 2 March 2011 at Naylor Student Center, powerpoint available here, newsarticle available here

"God's Electing Purpose," on Romans 9, preached 30 September 2009 in Southwestern Seminary Chapel

"The Essentials of Christianity," on Matthew 7, preached 30 October 2008, Reformation Day, in Southwestern Seminary Chapel

"Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church," on Matthew 16, delivered at the 2008 Baptist Distinctives Conference

"An Uncommon Priesthood," on Sole Competency, interviewed by Dr. Paul Wolfe, 5 October 2008 on Laus Deo Radio

"My Son Be Strong!" on Family Devotions, delivered at the 2007 Baptist Distinctives Conference

"Were it So? An Appeal to the Christian Nobility of the Southern Baptist Convention," on Acts 17, preached 20 March 2007 in Southwestern Seminary Chapel

"The Heart of a Baptist," on the Great Commission, Matthew 28, preached 9 March 2006, Founders Day, in Southwestern Seminary Chapel and in October 2005 at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

"The Government of the Deity: Southern Baptist Political Theology," delivered at the 2005 Baptist Distinctives Conference