November 22, 2015

Textbooks for Spring 2016

During the past several years, the Lord has blessed me with many students to disciple in the theology of the kingdom of God. It is a great honor, immense joy, and spiritual burden for God and His people to entrust this servant with such a profound responsibility. However, in light of the large and growing classes--over 350 during this last semester alone--it has become necessary to streamline communication. Thus we will periodically resort to this blog to help. In answer to the many requests regarding the textbooks that we will be using next semester, please note the following.

If you are interested in one of the three Systematic Theology II courses, the books are projected to include:

1. Akin, A Theology for the Church, Revised Edition (2014)
2. Stott, The Cross of Christ
3. Duesing, White, and Yarnell, Upon This Rock

If you are interested in the Trinity course, while not finally determined as yet, we will most likely use 5 of these 6 books:

1. Augustine, The Trinity
2. Durst, Reordering the Trinity
3. Nazianzus, On God and Christ: The Five Theological Orations
4. Rahner, The Trinity
5. The Oxford Handbook on the Trinity
6. Yarnell, God the Trinity: Biblical Portraits

Thank you all for your prayers. And thank you, John Mann and Sean Wegener, for your invaluable assistance in shepherding these theologians.

Soli deo gloria