March 29, 2013

O God of Eternal Truth

O God of Eternal Truth
(A Trinitarian Easter Prayer)

O God of eternal truth
Three-in-One: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Essence of Love, Holy, Righteous

You created all that is
You redeem the sinful
You bring all things to their end

You created us to be good
Adam & Eve chose to be evil
We have all sinned like our parents

You chose Israel to be your people
But Israel chose to turn away
You promised You would fulfill what we could not

In the seed of Eve, you promised victory
In the seed of Abraham, you promised justification
In the seed, Jesus Christ, your promise is fulfilled

Father, on your Son, You placed the sin of all
Son, on the cross, You paid the complete price
Spirit, in the resurrection, You vindicated the Son

You sent the prophets to proclaim the Promise will come
You sent the apostles to proclaim the Promise has come
You send us who believe to proclaim He will come again

O God of eternal truth, Holy Father
Enable us to be faithful witnesses through your Word
Enable them to be true believers by your Spirit

O God of eternal truth, we worship You
O Son, God in human flesh, we exalt You
O Spirit, eternal love, we glorify You

Fort Worth, Texas
Easter Sunday 2013

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