June 14, 2024

When Roman Catholics Get Something Right, Southern Baptists Should Say, “Amen”

My fellow Southern Baptists, there are times when we must lay aside old and oft overwrought prejudices. Despite their appeals to being the only real Baptists, we must refuse to give audience to the strident voices of those who play to fear and whisper of conspiracy and detect trends that draw you away from right action. 

Instead, we must learn to discern truth for ourselves. We must reject cynical and self-serving attempts to use our name for petty political power plays. We must speak clearly for ourselves, even if we speak the same truths as others who sometimes say things with which we don’t agree.

When the Roman Catholics get it right, and they do at least twice every day, we should stand with them. When the Roman Catholics speak necessary truths, then we must simply stand up and say, “Indeed.”

Now is one of those times when “we” Southern Baptists must take a public stand beside “them” Roman Catholics. 

We must all stand and speak together against any legislation which would force the radical transgender agenda upon our children. 

So, if you are fearful of saying the same thing as a Roman Catholic, as if the same confession somehow taints you, I ask you to examine the issue without fear, set aside your unnecessary qualms, and “gird yourself like a man.”

Let us rise up to speak the same truth with the Roman Catholics. I hope you will agree with me that, on this issue, “Cardinal Dolan is right. We must reject radical leftist attempts to force their views on our children. When Roman Catholics say something right, Southern Baptists should be able to and certainly must say with them, ‘Amen.’”

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